by Ric on January 31, 2017

Now that February is here, I would like to mention a healthy snack initiative that Busy Bee likes to bring to everyones attention this time of year. I personally love snacks and I don’t really know anyone who likes a homemade chocolate chip cookie more that I do. With the excess’s of the Holiday Season behind us it would be nice to try and give the children some healthier snack options.

Again this is something that Busy Bee has done the past few years with incredible success. The teachers were so pleasantly surprised to see how much the children loved eating all sorts of fruit, yogurt, organic snacks and even veggies (especially carrots, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers).

One of the Busy Bee parents has started a PinTerest page that contains a ton of healthy snack ideas, here is the link:

Your child’s snack day is something that is very special and the teachers still really want it to be that way. Homebaked goods and your child’s favorite treat are still welcome but we just wanted to try opening everyone to some different option. I personally know what kind of parents you all are and I bet you can get creative and bring in something that is equally fun, delicious and healthy. The teachers of course will be encouraging the children to try new things but we always have a secondary option for children who are not happy with the daily snack.

As you also know, Busy Bee has been collecting empty cereal boxes for our Valentine Project. Another thing Busy Bee does each February is join with the Germonds Church in collecting full cereal boxes to donate to People To People of Rockland. This is the time of the year when the local food pantries are the hardest hit and one thing that they could always use lots of is cereal. The concepts of sharing and love always come to forefront in February, and out of this the ‘Share the Love Project’ was born. Busy Bee started the project 5 years ago and we have collected so much food for the People to People food pantry.

Tomorrow the classes will begin to talk about the project, so if you would like to participate please bring in a box of cereal and have your child give it to their teacher. Your child will then make a special ‘Share the Love’ Valentine to attach to the box and the cereal box will be put in the big collection box by your child.

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