“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been” Rainer Maria Rilke

by Ric on September 15, 2015

20115-2 The first few weeks of the school year at Busy Bee play such an important role in laying the groundwork for the growth that we see over the course of the year. I know school has only been in session for four days but it is very evident that this is going to be a very special year at Busy Bee. The children have gotten off to such a nice start and the class rooms are just such happy places. The goal of the first week is to make the children feel comfortable not only with their new surroundings but also the transitions of our pre-school day. As with all success with children our plan is to constantly build upon it and help them grow. These next two weeks at Busy Bee will be no different as we continue to focus on your child’s social foundations and introduce many new creative, social, physical and cognitive experiences. 2015-1

The creative arts play such an important role at Busy Bee especially in the beginning of the year as we try to give the children many different sensory experiences with a large focus of fine motor development. One of our favorite activities each September is to create class murals. The children are treated as budding artists at school who will work with many different mediums and with our class 20015-4 murals they also get the opportunity to work together. Over the next two weeks our class murals will come together with help from all the children and will be also tied to math and literacy concepts. The giant Apple Murals will be linked with the Dr. Seuss classic ‘Ten Apples on Top’, giving us the opportunity to work on our number recognition, counting and one-to-one correspondence. It will also achieve another major focus at Busy Bee and that is to make story time and literature interactive and fun.

Apples will be dominating the Busy Bee landscape as we get ready for our trip to Davies Farm on September 29 for Apple Picking. We will be learning about the lifecycle of the apple, doing an apple craft with the letters of our names, learning songs and even a special cooking activity. September is truly a time of new beginnings at Busy Bee and when our days are filled with new experiences, adventures and smiles it makes for magical times. And I am so lucky to be a part of it!!!!

Mr. Ric :-)

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