Busy Bee Mini March to benefit the March of Dimes

by Ric on April 30, 2017

One of my favorite quotes that I use to describe the Busy Bee Experience is that ‘Busy Bee always strives to make each day special and the special days magical.’ Well on Friday our little preschool was able to do a whole lot more than create magic……We all were able to create HOPE!!!!! mm1_0
For 34 years Busy Bee has tried to hold one charity event each year. The philosophy behind the event has always been the same. Do something positive for our community in a way that the children are directly involved in the process. The Busy Bee families have always done a great job at these events but nothing compares to what happened on Friday at our Mini March. Seeing all the families complete the first lap with their children was such an uplifting and powerful moment for me. And a great way to kick off the event!!!!
Okay here we go……………………
Thanks to the combined efforts of everyone one of us we were able to raise an unbelievable amount of $10,063 for the March of Dimes. I am overwhelmed and humbled by the generosity of our families and friends of Busy Bee.
We should all be very proud!!!
So thank you to all of you but I must give a special thanks to:
Anthony from SMASHBURGER for a delicious lunch.
The Camilo Agency for the gift bags and the cold drinks
Mike from WaterSoft of Rockland… Mike is one of the most important people in my life. And his company can help everyone one your quality of lives with better water solutions for your home.
Dragons Den Mixed Martial Arts for all the kicks!!!!
and The gang from Day Camp in the Park-how awesome are those guys and how much fun are we going to have when we get to hang on their turf!!!!
Thanks to all our team sponsors whose donations made such a difference. I will continue to highlight their companies and I hope you all think about supporting them like they supported us.
Much love to Jamie and Kristi from the March of Dimes for all their guidance and support this year.

And lastly I need to acknowledge the hard work of the staff at Busy Bee for their commitment to your children and the cause. With a special shout out to Miss Michele and Miss Donna who worked hand in hand with me the past 6 weeks on every aspect of Mini March and gave so much of themselves.

Mr. Ric :-)

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