Let Love Grow This Year at Busy Bee

by Ric on September 8, 2019

As we embark on the excitement of a 37th school year here at Busy Bee, I can’t help but reflect on the success of the past. Last year was truly a fantastic year at Busy Bee. Our classes transformed into happy little families as the year went on and our days were filled with smiles, learning and memorable experiences. As always, our triumphs in the past keep us positive in the present and brightens the horizons towards our future.
So begins a new day at Busy Bee!!!!!! With it comes many returning students and families who are ready to pick up where we left off in June. Plus a fresh batch of new Busy Bee’ers excited and eager to join the fun. New beginnings for a new year……..so we welcome in September.

For the first time in 30 years the lovely Miss Sue will not be there to great us all on the first day but we are happy that Miss Michele will be joining Miss Donna in our 3 year old class. The goal of the first few weeks of the school year is to get everyone settled in their new school routines, adjust to all of the transitions of the day and to create a fun, happy, loving atmosphere in our rooms.

When families arrive at Busy Bee tomorrow you will notice a large tent near the front entrance of the school. The Germonds Church had their homecoming today and the tent was part of the celebration. Please be aware that the tent company might be there taking it down during morning dismissal or afternoon drop-off. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Families will be receiving a packet with your calendar and lots of other information over the first two days but I wanted to share some other things as well. Getting all of the children used to using the potty and giving lots of bathroom reminders is another focus at the beginning of the year. Please speak to your child’s teachers about the potty and any information that you think might lead to success in bathroom.

Busy Bee will be providing snacks over the first few days and families will be finding out about their snack days on your child’s calendars. Again this year Busy Bee will be offering only water to drink at snack time not juice. It is not necessary to send your child with a water bottle to school. Please also label any items that belongs to your child (backpacks, clothes, jackets, hats) so we can ensure all items go home with the correct child.

Please inform your teachers if anyone other than yourself will be picking up your child from school. Also at drop-off and dismissal please, please be careful when driving in the parking lot at school. Inform all babysitters, grandparents or anyone else that might be dropping or picking up your child about the safety concerns when driving in the lot. Many families also do choose to use the playground before and after school. Of course we love to see everyone using the playground but please do watch your children in the back of Busy Bee and on the playground. Also please take all clothes, backpacks, water bottles and trash out of the playground when you leave.

Tuition for the year is normally due by the 10 of each month. Each classroom has a tuition envelope for you to drop off tuition. Tuition can be placed in the envelope, given to your child’s teacher or directly to me. Busy Bee accepts checks and cash for tuition payments.

Each year at school we try hard to develop a special theme right from the first day of school that develops with the school year. Our theme for this year will be ‘Let Love Grow’ and I am super excited to see how all of us Grow Together over the next 10 months.

Here is to another Magical Year at Busy Bee and I am excited to share this time with you all.

Mr. Ric

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