Letter Of The Week

‘The Letter of The Week’ program is something that the classes at Busy Bee started doing years ago to make our instruction more fun and topical. The goal of the program is to give the children a wide range of fun activities and experiences to enhance their emerging literacy.

The program will run for most of the school year and will be growing with your child. We will start with differentiating between letters and numerals, recognizing letters and their sounds, engaging in language play and start learning about letter sound and word relationships. One book that becomes a center piece for our letter learning is ‘Dr. Seuss ABC’s’ by Dr. Seuss. It is an all time favorite of Busy Bee and is used as a tool for phonological awareness growth.

This year we have added a new special component to our ‘Letter of the Week’ program. Each week as we introduce a new letter the children will also be learning the American Sign Language (ASL) for each letter. The classes will also be introduced to new ASL word each week. So by the end of the year the children will be exposed to signing each letter and will have a small vocabulary of words as well.