The Music Corner


Music and singing play such an important role during our days at Busy Bee. Singing is a great way to gain new vocublary, learn beginning rhyming patterns, understand rhythym and beats, use our expressive language and at the heart of it singing is fun.

There is nothing quite like a good book. That being said story time is one of our favorite and most important times of the day at school. Story time at Busy Bee is an opportunity for your child to sit relax and get lost in literature while they get exposed to so many of the skills and concepts that will help them become life long readers. Right from the beginning of the year the classes focus on ‘Who an author and illustrator are’ and what roles they play. We make predictions based on the cover of the book. Introduce new vocabulary. Work on retelling and different comprehension strategies and discuss who the characters in the book are.

Bust most importantly, the teachers love signing and read stories to children…. and this love shines through!!!!!