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by Ric on September 24, 2017

I hope you all enjoyed a long four day weekend and are ready for what is going to be a very busy week at school…. Gym Classes, Field Trips, Special Visitors and new cool things to learn and observe!!!!!

Tomorrow starts the fall session of Gym Classes on Monday, Thursday and Fridays. Gym is a fun play option for your child, helps build on the gross motor component of our curriculum and give the families an extra half hour of free time. We are currently looking for more children to sign up for all the classes, so please think about letting your child join one of the classes. You can email me if you would like your child to start tomorrow or if you have any questions about classes. amelia-pic

This Thursday we will be taking our first trip of the school year to Davies Farm on Route 304 in New City. All children come to school at their regular start times (9:00 & 12:30) even if it is not their day to attend school. Once all the children are in school we will gather them together for a short circle time (this will be the families first opportunity of the year to observe your child in class and their interactions with their teachers and peers). Morning classes will leave Busy Bee for the Orchard at 9:40 while afternoon classes will leave at 1:10. We will all caravan the 5 minute drive down Route 304, so parents will be able to drive their own child to the trip. If you have not returned your child’s permission slip, please do so before Thursday.

In preparation for the trip, the classes spent a good deal of time last week learning about the life cycle of the apple, talking of the parts of the tree, doing apple tree crafts and even exploring the outside garden at Busy Bee. We began harvesting some vegetables from the Garden and learned how all the vegetables will be donated to People to People (our Helping Hands and Caring Hearts are hard at work). garden-girls

Among the many other things that we will be learning about in circle and story time this week we will also begin our Letter of the Week Program at Busy Bee. Each week until the end of May the classes will focus on a new letter. We will work on letter recognition, letter sound activities and letter to word relationships. We will also use one of my favorite teaching tools… Dr. Seuss’s ABC book to help reinforce all those concepts as well as rhyming and alliteration. All of these mentioned Phonological Concepts combined with the many comprehension strategies used during story time will help all the children at Busy Bee’s early literacy skills grow!!!!!!

This year at Busy Bee we are even adding a very new component to our Letter of The Week Program. Beginning tomorrow we will also be introducing American Sign Language (ASL) to the children. Studies have shown that introducing ASL to children has many wide ranging positive results from: Teaching sign language to your child may increase your child’s vocabulary and language skills, Teaching sign language to your child may increase your child’s reading and spelling skills and even IQ, Teaching sign language can help promote your child’s fine motor skills, Teaching sign language to your child may increase your child’s visual attention skills and joint attention skills, and Teaching sign language is FUN!!!!

Each week the classes will learn to sign the corresponding letter of the week. Besides learning a letter each week we will teach the classes a new word as well. So the children will not only learn the letters but a small vocabulary of words as well. Our first letter of the week will be Letter A and our first word will be Apple.

Last week I highlighted some special activities that Busy Bee families were invited to join in on. I know if is early to think of next years summer camps for your children but the opportunity at Day Camp in the Park is wonderful. Karl and the rest of the gang will be doing the open house on Saturday October 7 for families. Even if you do not choose to go their it is a great way to see what type of summer programs are available for your kids.

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