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by Ric on January 22, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Well I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and are ready for a full week of Busy Bee. This week we will continue our Winter Themes at school with Letter C Week. The past three weeks we have done W for Winter, I for Ice and C for Cold. The staff at Busy Bee hoped that with our winter themes we would get some nice winter weather to go along with our discussions…… So far we have had no luck with that. Cmon Winter give us some snow!!!!! 121-paintin

Last week we worked with the children on being Authors and Illustrators of their own winter stories. We will continue working our winter stories this week as well. The teachers are trying to express to the children that we are all story tellers and we all spend so much time in our lives telling stories. This is something that we will continue to remind the children during our open class discussions and also during show-and-TELL time as well. During Letter I week we also focused on how I is not only a letter but a word that we use when talking about ourselves. Another sight word to add to our repertoire!

121-puppet We are continuing to add new centers to our classrooms. 121-train The train table and the puppet theatre are two new ways to not only add fun to our day but give the children another outlet to let their stories be heard amongst their peers.

Everyone is very hard at work on writing and illustrating their winter stories at school. We will continue to talk about characters in our stories as we create and especially during story time. Story time has really become one of my favorite parts of the day. The teachers have so much fun sharing stories with the children and the comprehension conversations that are happening at the end of the stores is just fantastic. The children are talking about the characters, where the story is taking place, working on retelling and even making predictions during the stories. 121-writing

All in all everyone at school is learning, growing and having lots of fun as we enter the last full week of January and get ready for February, Valentines Day and our 100th Day of School.

That’s My Story….
Can’t wait to hear your child’s this week at school.

Mr. Ric :-)

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